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Como organizar tus PDFs

How to Manage Your Collection of PDF Files

Organize your library of PDF documents

Here are some useful web apps and software tools that will help you better manage your collection of PDF documents with any real effort. The objective is that you should be able to locate files quickly and also access them from other computers

1. Mendeley Desktop - If you need access to your library of PDF documents on other computers, get Mendeley Desktop - it’s available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

2. Google Desktop - If you are looking to find that one PDF document from a pile of thousand, consider taking the help of Google Desktop Search

3. Copernic Desktop Search - While both Windows Desktop Search and Google Desktop Search offer some excellent PDF search capabilities, they still have one major limitation - they’ll tell you if a particular word or phrase is present is some PDF
document but you won’t know where that phrase is located and how often does it occur in the document.

4. Scribd - Let me show how you can use Scribd as an online PDF organizer.

Create a free account at Scribd (if you haven’t done so already), install their desktop uploader software (available for Windows and Mac) and upload your entire PDF library online. Make sure you check the “Keep Private” option before hitting the upload button.

Once your documents are online, you can not only access them from other computers but the other big advantage is that you can search through your uploaded PDFs right from the Scribd website. Like Google Desktop, Scribd too allows full text search so you aren’t just searching titles but the actual content of your PDF documents

Scanned PDF Files
None of the options discussed above can index your scanned PDFs as these are essentially images and therefore require an OCR software that can recognize as well as extract text from the scanned pages

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ALyCie dijo...

Pues es una herramienta a considerar.
Yo había empezado muy tímidamente a trabajar con zotero pero aún tengo que dedicarle tiempo y práctica.
¡Salud os!

L.R. dijo...

Si yo tb habia estado pensando en Zotero, pero no acabo de verlo....No sé...igual es ponerse ;·)