miércoles, julio 05, 2006

Los terribles doses

Interesante artículo de Greg R. Notess titulado "The terrible twos: Web 2.0, Library 2.0, and More"

"Other professions have their Web 2.0 offspring. From the old news media we now have News 2.0 which is a meme (a 2.0 word for buzzword) for sites such as Newsvine, TailRank, Findory, and Digg. As usual with the terrible twos, definitions for News 2.0 vary. The commonality of the sites include typical Web 2.0 ideas, such as reader ratings, comments, and even contributions. Some call it a simple remixing of news with no original content and again, bloggers debate even the name itself.

A variant on Web 2.0 is the design-centered 2.0 Culture which includes sites using rounded shapes, footers, oversized fonts, and buttons. Excluded from 2.0 Culture are animated gifs, visible tables, and Java applets. For an L2 variant, we have School Library 2.0 with visions of student reviews via blogs, interactive calendars, class wikis, and instructional screencasts. The Where 2.0 conference focuses on location-aware technology such as MSN Virtual Earth, Google Maps, Yahoo!, and open source GIS. Echoing concerns over an over-hyped 2.0 movement, there is even Internet Bubble 2.0

No tardaremos en encontrarnos cualquier día la definición de Web 3.0.

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